Watercraft Insurance


You are finally ready to buy that boat you have been dreaming about for years! But before the loan can be finalized, they need proof of insurance.



Maybe you hadn’t thought about it yet, but there are a lot of insurance options to meet your particular needs for your specific boat. Here are some to consider:


  1. Watercraft Liability. Pays for bodily injury and property damage to others resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of your boat. It is important to know that this will not pay for your boat or your injuries.


  1. Physical Damage. Pays for physical damage to your boat for virtually anything that could happen to it, with only a few exceptions such as wear and tear or deterioration.


  1. Emergency Towing and Assistance. Pays for the towing of your boat to the nearest place where repairs can be made; delivery of gas, oil or a battery; and road trouble service for the boat trailer.


  1. Boating Equipment and Trailers. You may be surprised to learn that boating equipment and trailers are limited to $1,000 on many homeowners policies. You can specifically insure your boating equipment and trailer with your boat, which will provide broader coverage at the limits you need.


There are many other coverages available, and we are happy to discuss all of the options. We can tailor a boat policy to meet your needs, so you can hit the water feeling confident that you are protected